Thursday, July 5, 2018

Virtual Pinball Machines are Awesome & We Can Prove it!

Ah, the good old days of playing pinball. For many decades arcades all over the country have been filled with these innovative, American inventions, a fun pastime for people of all ages. People flocked to the arcades to spend entire afternoons competing against each other, or beating their own personal records. However, pinball has evolved considerably throughout the years. Similar to most electro-domestic appliances, the big and heavy analog/old school pinball machines have given way to modern, lighter pinball cabinets that house all the electronic components necessary to run literally thousands of games in a single machine.

And though the real experience is yet to be surpassed by the digital iterations of pinball, digital pinball is quickly becoming more sophisticated and lifelike. There are plenty of benefits to having virtual pinball machines in your game room or arcade business, so we’ve come up with a few compelling reasons why virtual pinball machines are awesome, too; and why you should give one a try!


This is one of the most important aspects to ensure you have a great experience when playing a pinball table. To put it simply, if a part breaks, the gaming experience breaks, too. You can’t have fun losing a game when your flippers don’t work, light bulbs that signal action modes provide no feedback, or if the start button won’t even let you begin a game. Analog pinball machines have a lot of delicate moving parts. Naturally, the bumps, vibrations, and general wear and tear means they’re bound to break down at some point, and finding these parts may not always be easy or affordable. If you’re the owner of an analog pinball machine, you understand just how expensive these repairs can be.

On the other hand, virtual pinball machines have little, if any, moving parts. This means less possibilities of breaking down. All of the graphics are generated on a high-definition screen/monitor and the sounds are generated by installing speakers in the cabinet or using your game room’s surround sound system. They’re meant to replicate as much as possible what it feels like to play on an analog pinball machine, but without sacrificing dependability and authenticity.  


Old school pinball machines are limited to the game for which they were originally designed. Take Twilight Zone, Theatre of Magic or The Addams Family. These popular themed tables were built to only house components essential to the story and game mode built into the cabinet. If you wanted to play a slight variation within the same topic, or a totally different story altogether, you would need to do it on a separate table designed specifically with that theme. With virtual pinball machines, it’s a completely different story.

Virtual pinball machines only need the monitor and cabinet to mimic the physical properties of a pinball machine, and they are connected to a computer or game emulator that can play thousands of pinball games. Instead of a physical layout, these machines have a full-sized-screens that simulate what you see on normal analog tables. Each variation is designed, built, and customized to either replicate an existing analog pinball game or offer an entirely new experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering getting a pinball table for your home or arcade business, the reality is that any space has a limited number of pinball machines it can fit. But with virtual pinball machines, you can download and play virtually any pinball game on a single machine for thousands of hours of unique game play.
Operating Costs

Finally, an important consideration is the amount of money you will spend on purchasing a pinball table, and getting it up and running. It’s no surprise that analog tables require lots of moving parts to keep all those lights, flippers, and bumpers moving. Those moving parts will inevitably mean occasional breakdowns, calls for repairs and additional parts, and so on. The costs can quickly pile up. Fortunately, that’s not the case with virtual pinball machines. Virtual pinball cabinets are extremely affordable with minimal electronics to deal with and many of the games can be downloaded for free or at extremely affordable prices. All parts are readily available and can be replaced in seconds compared to analog pinball machines. This will definitely help to keep your costs in check!

So, while analog pinball machines are fun and pretty to look at, they’re also incredibly expensive and not practical in small settings with limited space. Virtual pinball tables, on the other hand, have gotten amazingly sophisticated over the years; they replicate all the physics and sensory/audiovisual feedback you get from regular analog pinball machines, and are much easier to maintain and upgrade to play hundreds of pinball games in a single machine. While the old school pinball machines will appeal to hardcore classic pinball fans, present technologies are ever-closer to bridging the gap between digital and real experiences.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Benefits of Gaming While Standing

In the Golden Ages of arcade gaming, playing while standing was extremely common. We’re sure you have memories of standing in front of your favorite arcade games for hours at a time, or at least until you ran out of quarters. Looking back, playing arcade games while standing never received the credit it deserved for keeping kids active, much more so than when playing PC or console games. Many companies interested in encouraging healthy lifestyles are now offering standing desks to their employees, with many of them enjoying the change. Since this trend has exploded in recent years, we decided to outline some of the benefits of gaming while standing to promote healthy gaming habits in arcade fans young and old.

Promotes Healthy Living

Scientists have long studied the effects of sitting vsstanding dating back to as far as the 1950s. Those who spend their work day sitting were at a much higher risk of heart attacks and heart failure than those who had jobs that kept them on their feet. Having a sedentary job combined with a lack of exercise increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as a host of other issues related to the heart, sugar levels in the blood, obesity, and the metabolism. A lack of physical activity has shown to increase the risks for certain types of cancers, as well.

Makes Gaming More Interactive

We all remember standing around an arcade machine watching our friends go head-to-head or trying to break a high score. You’re more likely to bob and weave when gaming while standing and be more animated with your friends in victory, as well as in defeat. The high fives and chest bumps don’t happen when you’re sitting down and you’re not getting any hugs laying on the couch. Standing naturally lends to a more communicative type of gaming and brings people together in a more interactive way.

Decreased Neck & Back Pain

It can be difficult to determine why your neck and back may be hurting. But, it’s a good chance that it is all thanks to sitting down for extended periods of time. When we think we are sitting comfortably, we are most likely hunched over or sitting in a position that does not promote proper posture. Sitting in these positions causes muscles to tighten and the heart rate to slow to a crawl. This slows the transfer of oxygen throughout the body, which is why many of those who live sedentary lives feel as if they have sore muscles and very little energy. Standing while gaming provides an opportunity for blood to flow more easily through the body preventing muscles from cramping over extended periods of time.

Game Longer & Better

Believe it or not, you can game longer and better if you play while standing. Oxygen levels to the brain decrease when you’re relaxed or in a seated position for long periods which slows your reaction time and mental acuity. Gaming while standing keeps your torso upright and naturally taking in more oxygen with each breathe. Your high scores and kill rates will definitely thank you!

Gaming while standing clearly has plenty of benefits. Every gamer should play some of the time while standing to give themselves a chance to breathe deep and enjoy games as they were originally intended. It’s more fun and will improve your gaming experiences in every way!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Why Arcade Game Emulators Rock!

Arcade game emulators are a fantastic way to play your favorite classic games on an updated system. Emulators provide a nearly endless supply of games to enjoy including everything from classic arcade games to console games you may have forgotten ever existed. With a sparked interest in classic games, emulators are popping up everywhere and many consoles including Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation now have emulator capabilities. With this exploding market showing no signs of slowing, we’ve decided to take a look at what makes game emulators so fun and unique!

Play Discontinued & Hard to Find Games

One of the most nostalgic aspects of game emulators is their ability to run old games on new, upgraded systems. Many games enjoyed on emulators are games that have been out of circulation or are extremely hard to find. The Nintendo Virtual Console was launched through the Wii, 3DS and Wii U with Nintendo was one of the first big names to include emulator capabilities. However, not all titles were made available. The most popular games could be downloaded to your Nintendo 3DS, Wii or Wii U and played using the existing controllers. Many other big name console makers followed suit creating a swell of interest among older game enthusiasts.

Fix and Upgrade Old Games

While game emulation has become extremely sophisticated, many older games are written with very simple programs that game enthusiasts enjoy upgrading or modifying. Whether it’s fixing old bugs or updating sports team logos, emulator enthusiasts are able to go into a game’s ROM and rewrite the code! Game graphics can even be improved beyond the original limitations of the technology of the time and programming in cheat codes can be done in a matter of seconds. This makes your favorite classic games easier to play and better looking, as well as more interesting and fun!

Play Virtually any Game on a Single Machine

While many emulators may put lockouts on their systems preventing you from playing most games, our Pro Upright Xtension Arcade Machine “Emulator Edition” allows you to connect your PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi using a simple USB port for immediate game play. If you can download it to your computer, you can play it on our system! Your favorite MAME and computer games are all immediately available through a single arcade console with virtually endless options for customization and modification.


Game emulators are an affordable way to play literally thousands of games without breaking the bank. Many older games can be found for very cheap with some games offered for free download. This makes arcade gaming more affordable than ever before! From the comfort of your own home you’ll be able to return to your favorite childhood moments like never before. 

Experiencing your favorite classic arcade and video games has never been easier. Game emulators have brought many games back to life and given the older generation of gamers a reason to love gaming again.

What are your favorite classic games from your childhood? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Why Cocktail Arcade Machines are the Best

Here at Rec Room Masters, we feel that cocktail arcade machines hold some of our favorite gaming memories! From childhood arcade halls to your favorite neighborhood bar, these classic arcade machines are truly one of a kind. They provide a great platform for competition gaming and allow you to play in comfort and style, all while sitting down. But, since they’re so much more than retro arcade cabinets, we’ve decided to give our fans some additional reasons to love our Xtension cocktail arcade cabinets.

Play Whatever You Want

The most expensive aspect of most arcade purchases is the game, or games, on the machine; not the cabinet or hardware itself. However, with our Xtension Classic Cocktail machines, you can to take your gaming to the next level with the ability to access all your favorite classic games on a single cabinet! Rather than buying a cocktail arcade cabinet with only one or a few of your favorite classic arcade games installed, the Xtension cocktail machines connects directly to your PC or Mac where you have access to all the head-to-head arcade game you can download. You’ll be able to play your favorite classic games at a fraction of the price for hours of gameplay all from the comfort of your home.

Easy to Use

The Xtension cocktail machine is as easy to use as it is fun to play! The cabinet assembles in minutes and both controllers come pre-programmed with a responsive joystick, 6 action buttons, and simple USB connections. The cocktail machine fits most 23” standard VESA mount flat screen monitors, which install inside the cabinet in mere seconds. The cabinet has ports for connecting additional speakers, as well. Once assembled and connected to your computer, the Xtension cocktail arcade machine is ready to go! There are no additional parts to buy and the cabinet is built to last a lifetime! The Xtension cocktail arcade machine has a compact design that looks awesome without taking up too much space in your game room.

Gaming in Comfort and Style

The Xtension cocktail arcade cabinet not only looks great, it allows you to play your favorite games while comfortably sitting down across from your favorite gamers. Whether you’re using our classic Pacman ghost stools or have your own cozy gaming chairs, you’ll enjoy gaming for hours, all while sitting in a relaxed position. The cabinets can be upgraded with custom commissioned graphics to enhance your arcade experience and an easy to clean plexiglass top to protect from scratches, spills and stains. The plexiglass is easy to clean so there’s no worry about rings from your beer mugs ruining your top!


Buying an arcade machine is a special purchase and making a decision can be difficult. Our Xtension Classic Arcade Cocktail Machine is one of our favorite and most affordable solutions for classic arcade gaming. While the cabinet is extremely affordable, the high quality parts ensure it outlasts the competition and looks great for years. An exciting aspect of retro head-to-head gaming is that many of the classic games are available for download at extremely affordable prices with many titles offered for free.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual fan of classic games, the Xtension Classic Arcade Cocktail Pro may be exactly what you’re looking for. It provides an up close and personal way for your family and friends to enjoy their favorite classic games in the comfort of your home without breaking your game room budget. While you could spend thousands of dollars on what may appear to be a high quality arcade machine, our classic arcade cocktail machine is a versatile arcade that keeps on giving!

What are your favorite classic sit cocktail arcade games? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Wednesday, May 2, 2018

4 Ways Plug-and-Play Revolutionizes Gaming

When it comes to gaming, sitting on the couch with a typical handheld controller can get a little boring. No matter how captivating your game may be, there’s only so much time that you can spend laying around on the couch before you start to go a little bit insane.We admit, they’re great for lazy days, but nothing beats the excitement that a real arcade cabinet can offer. Whether it’s the captivating experience of being just a little too close to the screen or the fact that the buttons are a little bigger, there’s a reason people are willing to pay money just to go places that have them.

However, we know that those quarters and pennies can quickly add up for the avid gamer. Lucky for you, with Rec Room Masters’ new innovative technology, you can now own your very own arcade cabinet at a fraction of the cost of traditional machines. We know what you’re thinking, why pay large sums of money to play some Pac-Man, right? Wrong. These arcade systems are designed to connect straight to your gaming systems to offer unlimited games right to your very own arcade cabinet. If you’re still not convinced, here’s some ways that our arcade systems beat ordinary gaming systems or branded arcade machines:

It offers a better experience than a normal gaming console

Let’s be honest, spending hours sprawled on the couch or floor gripping a tiny controller and yelling at a TV screen that’s 15 feet away is a little bit lazy, not to mention lazy. The worst part is that you’re never really indulged in the game that you’re playing because you’re literally disconnected from the machine. However, with your very own arcade cabinet, you’re able to be fully engulfed in the gaming experience with your very own space. Not only are the buttons bigger, but there’s a variety of different gaming controllers that you can choose from that include more advanced gaming options such as trackballs, joysticks, and multi-player controls. With the ability to quickly and easily swap out controllers, it offers a dynamic way to enjoy your favorite games while keeping you quite literally on your feet. Plus, rather than yelling at a screen that’s far away, imagine how much cooler you’ll look yelling at a screen that’s right in front of your face!

It’s more affordable than buying a branded arcade cabinet

While the experience is all about the arcade cabinet itself, the feature that really makes this technology stand out is the ability to connect to several types of gaming consoles. Compatible with systems such as Xbox, PC, PS4, MAME, and more, you won’t be stuck playing the same game over and over again. While branded arcade systems make you buy a whole separate machine for each and every brand, this plug-and-play system allows you to have access to virtually unlimited amount of games in a single cabinet.

By using the games that you have on your existing gaming consoles, you have the freedom to play almost any game you want on one machine without paying the big bucks. You’ll now have instant access to modern and classic games right from the comfort of your own home. Once you purchase the arcade cabinet with a controller (and monitor), that’s all you’ll ever need. It’s up to you if you want to switch out controllers or other accessories.  

It’s a great combination of classic and modern gaming

One of the best parts about our gaming systems is that it takes all the benefits of the classic arcade experience and combines it with the technology of modern day gaming. This innovative combination is the key to creating a gaming experience like no other. The beauty of the arcade cabinet is of course, the cabinet itself. The design of our cabinets and controllers are engineered to create a captivating memorable gaming experience for the user. By isolating the player with the game, it allows the player to feel as though they themselves are inside the game. The plug-and-play functionality offers the player a classic gaming experience infused with the benefits of modern day technology.

It’s a way to get away from the stigma of normal video games

If you’re trying to stand out amongst your friends, what better way than to house an impressive arcade cabinet in your game room! With a new, versatile gaming system your house will be the go-to hangout space amongst all of your friends. Now, you and your friends will have an exciting experience every time you play. With its multiplayer controls, there’s no better way to game than having each and every player completely captivated by the game.

In addition, we know how some parents hate the idea of video games. However, arcade machines put gaming on a higher level. It’s almost as if they don’t even count as video games because of the active and communal aspect arcade gaming brings with it. These gaming cabinets will not only excite your skeptic friends, they may also encourage the idea and join in on the fun. So, when you’re at home playing on your new arcade cabinet, you’re not being antisocial and lazy, you’re living a cultured life and exploring non-traditional ways to have fun.

When it comes to having the ultimate gaming experience, we all know that technology is getting more and more advanced. However, it’s important to remember that sometimes the simplest things can offer us the greatest amount of excitement. While crazy graphics and 3D screens are cool at first, they can become way too much too quickly. One of the surefire ways to make sure you never tired of these gaming techniques is to take a step back and try out a more traditional method.

What are your favorite memories of playing arcade games? Share your thoughts in the comments below!